Recently I am considering more and more moving my primary pc to a Linux distro. Somewhat for privacy issues but also to have more control over my system and to reduce the amound of advertising that windows keeps cramming in my face. Specifically I’m looking at Zorin. I was wondering what thoughs people here had on it.

I predominantly use my pc for gaming with friends. Almost entirely through Steam and we use discord to communicate. I’m mostly just curious if anyone here has had much experience with Zorin and whay they thought of it as a daily driver for gaming.

    7 months ago

    I don’t have much to add here, since I mostly agree with the others.

    I started with Zorin too (a few years ago) and back then it was great. It was almost the same as Mint, but looked more modern.

    Nowadays, I would recommend Mint more than Zorin. Zorin isn’t bad, but isn’t maintained as much anymore.

    There were lots of upgrades (performance, looks, functionality) in the underlying system (kernel, UI, etc.) which Zorin didn’t recieve. But it still isn’t a BAD choice, but there are better ones.

    Mint is an example of that. It’s also very conservative (-> stable), but heavily maintained and improved. It isn’t a gaming distro, but every distro is suited for gaming anyway.

    Use that for a while and see what you dislike.

    Then switch to something like Fedora (or Nobara), Pop!OS, or Bazzite. The latter is definitely for more advanced users, since it’s a very new concept and not as spread. It’s more similar to SteamOS.

    Don’t base your choice by “it’s a gaming distro”. That doesn’t matter much. You can install those tweaks pretty easily on everything else.