Recently I am considering more and more moving my primary pc to a Linux distro. Somewhat for privacy issues but also to have more control over my system and to reduce the amound of advertising that windows keeps cramming in my face. Specifically I’m looking at Zorin. I was wondering what thoughs people here had on it.

I predominantly use my pc for gaming with friends. Almost entirely through Steam and we use discord to communicate. I’m mostly just curious if anyone here has had much experience with Zorin and whay they thought of it as a daily driver for gaming.

  • @d3Xt3r@lemmy.nzM
    7 months ago

    My elderly mum and dad use Zorin and they have no issues. But their needs are simple, and they mainly need a simple, easy to use, and stable system. I wouldn’t recommend Zorin if you’re a gamer though, since it’s not really optimised for gaming, and it has outdated packages. Software in the Linux world moves really fast, so as a gamer you’d ideally want to always be on the latest graphic driver stack, latest Wine/Proton, latest kernel etc in order to get better compatibility with games and better performance. Zorin and most Ubuntu-based distros like Mint and Pop_OS generally lag behind on several key packages, which may not be ideal for a gamer.

    If you want a daily-driver for gaming, I’d recommend checking out Nobara (based on Fedora), or Bazzite (based on Fedora uBlue). Both these distros come with all the drivers, codecs and optimized versions of Steam, to make gaming easier. Nobara has an added advantage of an optimized versions of the kernel, Proton, Discord and a few other apps, whereas Bazzite has the added advantage of atomic updates and an immutable filesystem, which increases stability and makes it easy to rollback an uodate, plus it can behave like SteamOS and boot directly into gamemode, which is great if you want to get a console-like experience.

    I would say Nobara should be a good starting point. Once you’re a bit more familiar with Linux, you could check out Bazzite, because internally it works quite differently compared to traditional desktop operating systems.

    • @Grenfur@lemmy.zipOP
      17 months ago

      Oh I hadn’t heard of either of those but I’ll add them to the list to look into. I have some basic understanding of linux, though entirely through CLI and just little things like hosting searxng. I’ve enjoyed learning it though. I’m reading William Shotts The Linux Command Line since it seems interesting, but I definitely would like a gui for daily use.

      At any rate thank you kindly for the support I’ll look into these :)