So while reading conversations between burgerlanders I’ve repeatedly stumbled upon a very specific set of bizarre and nonsensical set phrases (memes?):

  • The US is a republic, not a democracy
  • The US is a democracy, not a republic
  • Democrats want a democracy, Republicans want a republic
  • The US is neither a republic nor a democracy

What the fuck? I can’t even begin to untangle how wrong and nonsensical these phrases are, or what the thought process is to oppose these two words as if they’re mutually exclusive. Yes, yes, I know the US is not democratic from the perspective of us leftists, but from a neutral/liberal standpoint, well, it is a kind of bourgeois democracy, they present themselves as the gold standard for democracy, and one of their most famous (and ironic) imperial mottos that both parties absolutely love is “freedom and democracy”. Also, of course the US is a republic, what else would they be? A kingdom? Have they looked at pretty much every other country in the world with “Republic” in the name? Are none of them democracies? Not even the ones in The West™? The parties’ names are, as I take it, just historic names that don’t really say anything about political lines nowadays.

I know the US educational system sucks and that the average American is really politically ignorant, but where does this specific meme come from, and why is it so common? I don’t know why, but of all things burgerland, this one particularly bugs me a lot. Help me, comrades.

  • @anothertranscomrade
    111 year ago

    well, americans are kinda stupid.

    the only two parties in america are the democratic party and the republican party (the others may as well not exist) and since their platforms are essentially based on being polar opposites to each other, the less intelligent americans (most of them) assume their labels are polar opposites too.

      1 year ago

      Americans are just lying back and forth to each other. Their whole thing is to decieve the other into doing what the other wants. Mix that with political illiteracy and you just … 🤷‍♂️ end up with progressives giving billions to neonazis.

      Shit. I meant for this to be a reply to the thread. Damnit.