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The US is solidly entering the “Fucking around” stage. Shit’s about to get real.

I keep saying. It’s revolution or extinction, and we have to make a choice quick.

Hm? I thought they qualified exactly as that, state capitalist in the Leninist sense (compare to NEP)

I do wonder why Belarus is never mentioned as AES. I would say it may qualify.

I think we should differentiate between anti-imperialist, anti-neoliberal, state capitalist, and actually socialist. Some overlap but not always, and there’s nuances (state capitalist in the socialist sense and state capitalist in the Keynesian sense, for example).

Just straight up “do whatever the hell you want”. They don’t want this to ever end, do they?

Interesting. I’m kind of a programming noob but I take it that LISP is a very early interpreted programming language that was originally made to run on hardware optimized for this very language, am I correct? I do agree with the main message regarding closed-source software and compiled code. It’s the software equivalent of a non-serviceable device. An unrepairable and un-upgradeable commodity. When the company behind it decides to stop supporting it, it will start degrading into obsolence, prompting you to buy the new version. Open-source and interpreted-language software should be the way of the future under socialism.

Hey I know this is unrelated to animemes but do you know if there’s a way to keep the frontpage view where you see content from all the communities, but also block some of them? No offense to those who post on Shit Liberals Say but I’d rather not entertain my mind with brainworms. I also blocked Comrade Rose and I’m a lot more frequent here on Lemmygrad as a result.

Seems like putting war propaganda on consumer products is an older tradition than I thought, this reminded me a lot of the Ukraine spam that’s everywhere now

It just dawned on me that the biggest reason the US fears TikTok is not because they can’t datamine it, but because they can’t control its algorithm directly. That’s why they went straight to popular creators for the Ukraine ‘awareness’ propaganda when it started, because that’s the only way they can guarantee influencing its content, by manipulating the creators directly.

Not surprised in the slightest, of course this was their endgame. They will make good fuel for the dying imperial machine.

One swoletarian would be enough to knock out this bourgeois asshole! Remember: without their money, they’re nothing.

They post a lot of random unrelated shit on the TrueAnon sub, really sus

I just did it and from the get go I’m seeing a lot more variety and no “lib cringe” type posts. A lot of topics are getting lost in the noise because I hadn’t seen them before, and I always scroll maybe the last 5 pages of topics every morning

Is there any way to see users by number of posts? I can’t believe they have 3k posts already, must easily be in the top 10

Motherfucker says all the quiet parts out loud, leaving it really clear for the NATO apologist libs, in case they had any doubt. This guy is craving for WW3 and is cocksure the US can win.