If there are no stupid questions then how do we answer the questions that really matter if we say that all questions are equal?


Even if the answer seems obvious, it never hurts to double check. You never know how someone will interpret information, no matter how seemingly straightforward. I will never shame someone for asking a question in good faith.

“In good faith” is the important aspect here. There are plenty of people who ask questions in bad faith, purposefully “misunderstanding” to promote misinformation. For an example of this, see Tucker Carlson, if you’re able to without being overcome with urge to rip your own eyeballs out of your head.

I’m a people manager at work and I always make sure to create a space where people feel safe and encouraged in asking questions and double-checking. It helps to prevent mistakes for the delicate work that we do. When asked in good faith, there truly is no such thing as a stupid question

No Stupid Questions
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