Version 103.0, first offered to Release channel users on July 26, 2022


  • Improved responsiveness on macOS during periods of high CPU load by switching to a modern lock API.

  • Do you always forget something? Required fields are now highlighted in PDF forms.

  • Improved performance on high-refresh rate monitors (120Hz+).

  • Enjoying Picture-in-Picture subtitles feature? It just got better: you can now change subtitles font size directly from the PiP window. Additionally, PiP subtitles are now available at Funimation, Dailymotion, Tubi, Hotstar, and SonyLIV.

  • Buttons in the Tabs toolbar can now be reached with Tab, Shift+Tab, and Arrow keys. View this article for additional details.

  • Windows’ “Make text bigger” accessibility setting now affects all the UI and content pages, rather than only applying to system font sizes.

  • Rejoice! You can now conveniently access Firefox, which will now be pinned to the Windows taskbar during installation on Windows 10 and 11. (This will also allow for Firefox to be launched quicker after installing.)


  • Non-breaking spaces are now preserved—preventing automatic line breaks—when copying text from a form control.

  • Fixed WebGL performance issues on NVIDIA binary drivers via DMA-Buf on Linux.

  • Fixed an issue in which Firefox startup could be significantly slowed down by the processing of Web content local storage. This had the greatest impact on users with platter hard drives and significant local storage.

  • Various security fixes.


  • Removed a configuration option to allow SHA-1 signatures in certificates: SHA-1 signatures in certificates—long since determined to no longer be secure enough—are now not supported.


Developer Information

Web Platform

Your information now has increased protection from online tracking via Total Cookie Protection enabled by default. All third-party cookies are now isolated into partitioned storage.


Care to share its name for about:config?

310M and double-click it to change it from true to false

there’s just a regular setting for it, from the link above:


I know that option but it works selectively. Definitely never worked for YouTube (I had to use an extension to disable PiP) and it never worked for any news sites, such as NBCNews. That setting is disabled and yet:

that option just disables the built-in firefox controls to turn on PiP mode, where you can drag the video outside of the browser window, and browse other tabs, etc.

i believe websites are still free to do their own thing with their videos.

so it sounds like an extension (like you already mentioned) is your only option to disable them.

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