I don’t like reddit. I would like to migrate over to Lemmy. Lemmy is making it exceedingly difficult to do so. I have this account that I’m working from right now from my computer. I cannot add it to the app on the phone. I simply will not go through. After I put in the credentials it stays at the loading phase. I don’t know if there is an error or not because it will not tell me. It will stay in this phase for hours.

I couldn’t even make an account over the phone because it wouldn’t tell me syntax errors when I was trying to make the account. I would hit create account and it would sit there doing nothing as if the page was broken. For instance, it wouldn’t tell me what characters I was allowed to use in the user name, it wouldn’t tell me how many characters and what kinds of characters I needed to use in the password.

I had to build to the account from the PC in order to be told I needed to adjust my user name and password. It took over a month to bother to figure that out.

Even after creating the account and being able to use it from my PC I am still unable to sign into the account or use it from my phone.

How many people want to migrate over to Lemmy but are being denied access due to these technical problems?


Ok ive just switched to jerboa now myself, by default it let’s you view Lemmy from a guest account. So its a bit unintuitive but you have to go to the menu @ top left and add account first.


I don’t know why it’s not working for me. I’ll try again another day and see if it fixes itself. From that top left menu tried to select profile but at this moment it’s unresponsive for me. Hopefully whatever is going on is going to resolve itself. Thanks for replying.

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