I remember on another forum, it was mentioned there was an arch (and I hope derivatives supported as well) librewolf build for arm-64. I kept the Arch repo somewhere, but it seems I lost it.

Any one with repos URLs, a well as PKGBUILDs URLs and such?

Thanks a lot !

To add to what @fishonthenet@lemmy.ml already said (thanks!): You might’ve thought of the privacyshark repo, which also provides prebuilt binaries for aarch64 as well as x86_64. With the librewolf-bin package on the AUR, you don’t really need it though, unless you want to use some of the other packages in it (eg. signal-desktop or ungoogled-chromium (rebranded as caidao)).


Yes, this was it, :) Thanks a lot !!




SigLevel = Optional
Server = https://privacyshark.zero-credibility.net/privacyshark/$arch

I’m missing Jami there, hehe… As it’s FLOSS, there shouldn’t be an issue adding it, :)

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