• ffhein
      310 months ago

      For mid range desktop CPUs (around $300) it’s very even between AMD and Intel. When I was upgrading a few months ago I was deciding between i5 13600K and Ryzen 7 7700X which are similarly priced. Intel has more cores and better multithreaded performance, while AMD draws less power and has better single thread performance.

      Going up to $400 it looks like Intel has no similarly priced competitor to Ryzen 9 7900X.

      At $550 it looks like the situation has turned around, and i9-13900K has better power usage and single thread performance, while Ryzen 9 7950X wins on multi threaded performance.

      In addition, the AM5 platform still has a bit of problems. Supposedly the long boot times have been improved with newer BIOS for my motherboard, but I’m a little bit afraid to update since other users have reported they got instabilities and at least my computer is rock solid now.

      • @jaaval@sopuli.xyz
        210 months ago

        13700k seems to be similarly priced now compared to 7900x.

        AMD slashed prices due to poor sales of zen4, 7700x used to be more aligned to 13700k pricing than 13600k. Before that Intel was actually usually the better choice between the two.