• DessalinesMA
    12 years ago

    My main thinking here, is that the main reason to migrate a community anyway, is because an instance goes down. But once that instance is down, its impossible to migrate it securely anyway… otherwise communities could be easily hijacked.

    • @skariko
      42 years ago

      I understand doubts, especially if there is a lot of work to do I think it is right to ask as many questions as possible.

      Personally I think of at least two other reasons for changing the instance:

      the first is a possible problem with the moderators / admin. For example in case they did questionable operations.

      The second concerns me more personally: I opened a community here because there are no Italian instances. It took me a few months to convince people to sign up here, it would be ironic to tell them “no, now re-sign up somewhere else”.

      Since in this thread we talked about how to invite people to subscribe and / or how to create more instances for me this is one of the reasons that pushes me not to try.

      In the meantime, thanks for the discussion and listening

    • @Stephen304@lemmy.mesh.party
      22 years ago

      I think it’s ok to require the original instance to be online, an insecure migration should just be telling people to follow a different path imo. I think giving communities a low friction way to be nomadic would ease concerns about deciding between self hosting and using existing instances. Users could perhaps be presented with a popover to communicate the change and maybe have an archived link to the old community path. It would also be cool if you could initiate a migration using just backed up config secrets in a new instance.