While @nutomic@lemmy.ml and I do have a lot of issues that are going to take us a lot of time this upcoming year, its still useful for us to hear what your most desired features for Lemmy are, and prioritize them.

If they’re smaller, we could get to them fairly quickly, or others wanting to contribute could see whats most wanted.

Outside of just posting them here, make sure github issues exist for them (this is what we work from), and do a thumbs up react for all the ones you’d like. Despite being a popular project, we have very few people voting on these issues . We can then use the link above (issues sorted by most thumbs up ), to keep track.

Thanks all.

  • Arthur BesseA
    102 years ago

    Human readable URLs! The URL is a very important part of a site’s user interface, and lemmy’s URLs currently just have a post number - there is no title, or even the name of the sub-community. Compare this to reddit: when I paste a friend a reddit URL in chat they get two hints about what it is about: the subreddit name, and the post’s title, both embedded in the URL itself. This lets them decide if they want to click it now, or later, or never, or to recognize if they’ve already seen it. Lemmy links should be like that.