Privacy on Android
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appOps manager / ADB simulator for rooted devices ONLY (#su Magisk). …


Video help how to use Android Universal Debloater by w1nst0n on Unix Terminal…

What would be your steps for getting out privacy nightmare on xiaomi redmi note 5 ?

Looking for solutions to delete/opt out as much as i can from GAFAMs and other chinese closed-sources stuff … im a noob and i feel lost right now … would this be a good idea?

Universal Android Debloater

The main goal is to improve battery performance and privacy by removing unnecessary and obscure system apps. This can also contribute to improve security by reducing the attack surface. The script has a menu that lets you choose what debloat list you want to use. I strongly encourage you to take a l…

Privacy on Android

    Discussion about making android more private and secure by using and replacing stock android with FOSS apps and Services

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