Open Standards

This is the reason why I’ve never used an OEMs app that is unique to them only (well also because I have many friends using different phone brands and OSs). Even when I had an iPhone 3 (and now an iPhone 12 Pro) and a Samsung Android phone, I always stuck to using a service that was generally availa…

Any thoughts on Open Structures?

"OpenStructures (OS) is an open modular construction system that promotes circular material flows and facilitates re-use and repair. OS allows to build things together at a moment in time, where anyone is connected to everyone and everything can be produced everywhere…

A few Matroska tricks

Matroska is a multimedia container widely know for it’s video format (mkv). Lesser known are the audio (mka) and subtitles (mks) formats. Also the stereoscopic/3D format (mk3d). Aside from being open and royalty-free, why are these formats interesting? …


News and discussion about open protocols, open file formats, etc.

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