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I use void :)
also I’m considering moving my server to FreeBSD for ZFS

hey I noticed there’s now “Privacy Indicator” in Izzy’s F-Droid repo that hopefully replaces non-free Access dots app, maybe try it out?

to me systemd is a good piece of software that solves really complex problem and making things easier.
but I don’t use systemd on my desktop, I feel it’s more suitable in professional environments considering those features systemd have.

this guy do really be hating systemd

after some following up, it creates Tor service for exchanging message when internet is available, seems neat.

how is it compared to Manyverse?
After using it, I only see downside cause you can’t even transfer images.

this is outdated especially network part



bash, I use for loop, stdin/out redirection and conditional operator somewhat often and I put them in script if I use a snippet a lot

Thanks, AppOpsX also got bulk permission disabling which is better than Shizuku AppOps :)

I think you can replace AppOps with AppOpsX, it also supports adb method and it’s free unlike AppOps that’s freemium

turn off ad blocker

nah I doesn’t want to read this anymore