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thanks for the feedback, i went reading that and reviewed the webpage i think i was too messianic about signal, so i left signal as the first suggestion, but invite the reader to explore the complexity of the topic

that’s a good point. how could one improve that? might someone offer a location for the signal team to move in another country?

before answering, i’d like to preface that i personally don’t take in consideration the number of users when analyzing the value of a tool, as 100% of my friends can reach me via sms.

i’m not going into the technical details of why signal is more secure than anything else in our age (i invite you to make your own way into their blog https://signal.org/blog) the striking thing about people working on signal is their intention; the tool is completely open-source, the foundation is a non-profit based on donations. we’re seeing what happens when durov’s money starts to run out: how long will his ads strategy last, before he needs to invent another trick to keep the boat afloat?

this is against the social graph discovery: https://signal.org/blog/private-contact-discovery/ we are talking about a gem in the privacy landscape, there is no software dedicated like this to privacy at this time

afaik matrix stores your data, messages (often unencrypted) on the server you signed up on. signal doesn’t store anything

  • source: i managed a matrix server

that’s not actually the case, i read in the signal blog (if i find it i’ll link it) that no metadata travels unencrypted and no metadata is stored on the servers. even in groups, there is no database storing the list of members, as the exchange of keys happens only between devices with zero-knowledge. if all the members of the group reset their phones the group is non-existing anymore as it never was anywhere in the first place.

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