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  • The only thing I can think of is to try the drives in a different system and see how they behave (same OS and configuration).

    If they behave the same then that rules out everything except the drives themselves and the OS.

    Considering how you mentioned the behavior is better in Windows, it sounds like a software issue, but you never know until you try.

  • xan1242toLinuxPC constantly crashes, won't even boot.
    5 months ago

    FWIW I’ve also had memory issues with XMP.

    Turns out that ASUS firmware is omega pepega and decided to go against AMD’s specifications even for XMP profiles.

    CLDO VDDP was stuck at the same voltage as SOC. Per AMD it has to be up to VSOC - 0.1V

    So, after manually setting that, and other VDDP and VDDG voltages, it magically started working perfectly.

    So do check voltages anyway even if you found a bad stick. Mine endured through the crappy firmware thanks to it being Samsung B-die.

    Also check this for more info in general (I recommend this even if you won’t OC, just the memtest alone is a huge section)

    https://github.com/integralfx/MemTestHelper/blob/oc-guide/DDR4 OC Guide.md

    I tested with OCCT to find even more errors, so either do that in a mini windows environment or do one of the Linux tests to check memory some more. Memtest86+ isn’t enough.