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  • This is off the top of the dome and given more time I’d probably change this significantly, but here’s 10 of my favorites from a multitude of genres:

    • Rain World
    • Outer Wilds
    • Stephen’s Sausage Roll

    (Those are pretty firmly my top 3, all totally mindblowing experiences that surprised and awed me multiple times)

    • Spelunky 2
    • Getting Over It
    • Peaks Of Yore
    • Satisfactory
    • Dark Souls PTDE
    • Hunt: Showdown
    • Morrowind

    Honorable mentions for Guilty Gear and Tekken as series, and I have a special place in my heart for the 2000 title Sacrifice, which is my eternal top pick for a remaster/remake.

  • Yeah, that’s totally what “an affront to” means. And if you’re seriously arguing that someone with a 9-figure net worth needs compensation to keep producing art, I don’t know what to say to you. I’m not moving any goalposts, I’ve said multiple times that you should support independent creators if you can afford to. Brad Pitt is not an “independent creator”, he’s a fixture in the movie industry who gets paid millions of dollars upfront. Your priorities are gross.

  • … no, you literally are not. For that to be the case, you would have to already be planning to purchase the good, and then decide to pirate it instead. Even if that is the case (which in the vast majority of cases it is not), it still requires absurd mental gymnastics to reframe not paying someone money as stealing money from that person. You haven’t signed a contract. The entire concept of a “lost sale” is a lie. If someone pirating a movie is a lost sale, so is someone deciding not to see that movie because the ticket is too expensive, or the reviews are too bad. This is why I said it’s internalized corporate propaganda, because it places the onus for fairly compensating artists on the audience instead of the industry.

    Additionally, the economics of almost every media distribution solution in existence means that purchasing a piece of media puts only a miniscule fraction of that price into the hands of the artist. Which is why I mentioned direct donation: giving a music artist you like $10 directly is a better way to support them than paying for Spotify Premium or even buying their discography on CD.

  • GitHub (since the Microsoft acquisition) is good to users because that’s their MO, it’s called Embrace, Extend, Extinguish, and the whole point is to centralize users and projects and make them dependent on the Microsoft ecosystem.

    Of course now there’s also the whole issue of Copilot, which means any code you put on GitHub could very well show up piecemeal in someone’s AI-generated code. If it wasn’t for that novel avenue of monetization, you can bet your ass GitHub would have already made the free user experience a lot shittier.