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Technically yes, all of the wallets mentioned know how to scan that QR code.

I think some wallets have a limit on the first payment. Muun works for sure - I verified that, but afaik Breez may require you to pay a one time fee 2000 sats (it’s worth it - you get the great podcasting and POS features). Wallet of Satoshi is custodial, so it will work smoothly, without fee, but you don’t “own” your keys.

When you are starting with lightning, just first get one of the wallets mentioned above and get some sats. That’s it, don’t overcomplicate it from the beginning, enjoy the experience. You can play with nodes like Umbrel later…

There is a first generation of wallets, like Zeus or Eclair. You can manage the channels by yourself, but… you have to manage the channels by yourself.

So I’d recommend you check out the second generation of wallets, like Breez, Muun, Phoenix or even the Wallet of Satoshi. You just install it and you are ready to accepts sats + immediately spend them. It’s as easy as it can get.

If you scan the QR code here you get 1000 sats from me: https://ln.cash/5dkH6dKNMPsWVnSGUqccou . First to scan gets the sats ;)

Lesser known BTC Lightning Network tools & services

https://ln.cash - Send QR voucher, supported by all wallets …