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Sorry that I can’t be of much help but I don’t use anime-dl so it would be hard for me to provide any reliable info. But AniDB doesn’t provide any links to watching anime (except for a few licensed platforms) so it probably won’t be of much help when searching for download links. But if you download files from groups (which seems to be the case looking at your example with [Judas]), AniDB does have file checksums for many groups so you can mark episodes as watched and query anime info basing on it. I’m unable to give any specifics though, sorry.

I’ve got my eyes on these series:

  • Fumetsu no Anata e seems to have an interesting premise and quite an original setting for anime.
  • Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! is a series based on a work by Konosuba’s author, although I liked his previous work I don’t have too high expectations for this.

Any plans for the upcoming season?

With the new season just around the corner or rather already past the starting gate are there any series you are especially looking forward to watch? If you don’t know what’s to come this season you can find a list [here (AniDB)](https://anidb.net/anime/season/?do=calendar&do.last.anime=Show&last.an

For anime AniDB has several applications that automatically mark episodes as watched. Personally I mark them manually so I can’t help you with this except for providing some links:

I don’t think Erai-raws can be called fansubbing group as, from what I can remember (and from what their name suggests), they don’t do their own translations or typesetting. SubsPlease does fairly acceptable typesetting using official subs, however their file sizes are pretty large (same as Erai) and aren’t of highest quality. GSK, MTBB and Okay-Subs do nice typesetting with reasonable file size and better video quality and add chapters.

If available, I prefer fansubbing groups which do their own translations, such as GJM, Kaleido or Asenshi. Their translations are often much better than the official ones and they put a lot more work into quality assurance.

For your problems with watching some groups it might be an issue with your player. Try using something like mpv or check the tips here.

I have only checked out a single episode some time ago so I can’t vouch for it but Sarazanmai seems to fit those requirements. I recall it being pretty crazy and the beginning was quite good but I’ve decided to save it for later.

Since a few seasons I’ve been watching more seasonal series weekly but I find myself stalling around a half of them midway until they end and then binge the rest of it. Some series just work better when binged imo.

Definitely Wonder Egg Priority for me. It deals with serious issues in metaphorical way. If you are a fan of psychological anime it’s a must see. A nice bonus is a movie-quality art.

Horimiya is a nice romance so far. Maybe not a contender for best anime of the season but definitely good.

I think this has elements of visual novel too. Probably most of the gacha games do. But basing on some gameplays and the anime based on gacha games I’ve seen so far the story is very minimal and is just an afterthought.

@suyrbntoAnimeMAL vs Anilist?

You may want to take a look at anidb. It doesn’t connect to any third party domains, doesn’t have any ads, has pretty good search system and probably has the most comprehensive database out of all anime tracking sites (full character cast for most series, often with marked episode occurrences, appearing songs and sometimes full staff credits). On the downsides it uses Google reCAPTCHA for registering (not logging in or posting though), doesn’t have a manga database and might require a bit of getting used to.