Binge watching or following along on a weekly basis?

What do you prefer?

Some shows really seem to be better watched in one session as following them weekly is just infuriatingly slow :)


I never really watch shows that are currently airing, so that problem doesn’t arise. I am a serial binge-watcher 😎️


I used to follow airing series on a weekly basis, waiting for the episode to drop on anime piracy sites, but once I started downloading anime in high quality, the lack of buffering and being able to just binge multiple series was too good to go back from.


Since a few seasons I’ve been watching more seasonal series weekly but I find myself stalling around a half of them midway until they end and then binge the rest of it. Some series just work better when binged imo.


I find myself often going back and forth between the two approaches. It depends on just how irresistible the show is.


In the past I was for sure a binge watcher because any time I tried to follow along weekly I’d forget and then be behind anyways or lose interest in the story. Sadly what happened to Bleach so I never did finish watching. I also enjoy the rush of finishing a series in a night (the 13 episodes ones), or when I was in college during finals week, binge the entire FMAB in 72 hours…

But now, it’s a mix of both since my coworkers watch anime and usually does it on a weekly basis, so I wanna be able to talk about the show. I still do binge shows tho, and saved a couple from this current season for binging like Wonder Egg or the Sk8 one. Some shows really are best for binging and others for weekly updates


I prefer to follow along because waiting for the anime to finish just takes too long.


I’ve started watching old anime coz I wanna binge through it.


I follow along because it makes the cliff hangers better, but I’ve never been a binge watcher.


I am the total opposite. Some “slice of life” shows are fine on a weekly basis, but anything with some mystery or cliffhangers… much better in binge or at least several shows in one sitting :)


but anything with some mystery or cliffhangers… much better in binge or at least several shows in one sitting

Man, I can’t even do it any other way😅️ Every time I watch something that engrosses me too much, I watch it until like 2 AM and then I think “might as well finish it now…” – needless to say, my sleep schedule is fucked that day.

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