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Invade France. Do it Algeria. You want to be cool don’t you? What happened to Gaddafi, should happen to Sar/ Mac. Satire. Satire.

They do actually. That’s why they love Harry Potter so much. They think that writing things down or saying them wills them into existence like some sort of spell. So they will talk about equality or say war is bad, but be against wealth redistribution and for war.

It’s for when you service Raytheon. As a US troop, you are just Raytheon’s removed. (No offense to actual sex workers).

There is so much other self improvement you could do instead of breaking your legs… But nope just shallowness. Even doing nothing and just relaxing is better.

Perhaps you are right, what I mentioned might not be a goal, but definitely a method.

The goal of western leftists is not to bring about socialism but just to relabel white supremacy and liberalism as socialist and pretend what already exists is success.

Trump: “America will never be a socialist country”

Dumbass patsocs: “maga communism”

Holy shit, I guess you CAN read too much theory.

A third of my home country is literally underwater, a country this B robbed. And crickets. Yep, I feel your caps lock here.

Michael Parenti on capitalist psychology bullshit about revolutionary leaders:


There are tons of expats educated in ivy leagues that would love being a Yeltsin. Hell, there are probably 20 assholes at the IMF gunning for that job right now.

The west is so racist, the state doesn’t even have to do the propaganda but for some reason they do.