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  • My dad failed his 11+ so was sent to a technical school so he actually learnt how to lay a row of bricks or how to beat out lead flashing. He did end up doing a PhD in Physics but I suspect his early school years explain why he’s always been much more practical than me. My wife was a stage tech during uni so I’ll happily defer to her for joinery. I can just about solder a copper pipe or big pads on a PCB.

  • It really depends how you see the firmware boundary. You can either treat it as a set of magic numbers you load onto the hardware so it works or see it as an intrinsically programmable part of your system that you should be able to see the source code for or live without support for the device.

  • You can, they are called canals. Look at the Nile delta and the network of irrigation trenches used to spread water from the river to the wider areas. There are a number of dam projects in Africa which are all about managing water flows.

    The principle problem is when your divert water it’s usually at a cost to another area that was using it.

  • It’s certainly a bad idea to rely on conscripts to make up the bulk of your fighting force. It’s not a totally bad idea to have a population of fighting age citizens have had some basic military training and know which way to hold a gun. Countries like Finland or Switzerland have a more realistic view of what they may need to do if things ever got bad on their eastern front.

    For the UK we’d have probably resorted to our nuclear deterrent before we consider putting conscripts on the front line.

  • Usually it’s one of those things you do when your move house. Every now and again they will send a form to confirm the entries are correct and if nothing has changed you just tick there box and send it back (or reply online). People who move a lot or bounce between two addresses (e.g. students) are usually the ones that drop through the cracks.

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    It’s a web of trust. If the package maintainer is doing due diligence they should at least be aware how the upstream community runs. If it’s a one person passion project then it’s probably possible to give the changelog and diffstata once over because things don’t change that fast. Otherwise they are relying on the upstream not shipping broken stuff.