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    So how did they do it? Well, Butler started by giving Amazon some of their money. In exchange, Amazon sent them some pothole filler. Butler then hopped in a van with a friend and drove around town filling in potholes. They made sure to wear reflective vests for safety — OK, let’s be honest, to look more official — so you don’t have to worry about them getting hit. And then, once they were done, they simply refilled the boxes with enough sand to ensure they weighed exactly as much as they did when they arrived. One quick return later, they had their money back. So in a way, Amazon did technically pay for the pothole repairs.

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    Evolution of DRAG: Outer Zones features numerous improvements, new gameplay modes

    iRacing and Orontes Games are pleased to announce the creation of ExoCross, a futuristic off-road driving game that will be coming to Steam, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series S/Series X in fall 2023. The final evolution of the existing DRAG: Outer Zones title available now on Steam for PC Early Access, *ExoCross *takes the platform to the next level with additional content, new gameplay modes, and a substantial amount of gameplay improvements.

    The rebrand of *DRAG: Outer Zones *to ExoCross is the culmination of numerous gameplay and production improvements after iRacing acquired Orontes Games in December 2021. Both Orontes Games and iRacing have collaborated to develop the title. With extended updates across the board, the iRacing and Orontes teams sought to create branding and a backstory for the futuristic new sport featured in the game. The name ExoCross was chosen as a reflection of the rugged, fast-paced, other-world off-road racing present in the game.

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