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That is a lot of people climbing over themselves to defend companies that would be perfectly fine with enslaving them all if they could get away with it.

Oh, I agree. It’s sad that many devs are buying into the anti-GPL rhetoric their workplaces spout and spreading it even to their hobby projects now too.

Just didn’t think it was fair to say there was nothing you had to do different with (A)GPL vs MIT for the devs is all :)

Well, it is to developers. It forces them to have certain obligations. Not particularly difficult ones to comply with, but its massively different from say, the MIT.

Corporate entities hate having obligations though so even a small obligation is a huge problem.

As one of the longest active contributors to Jellyfin, I’m really glad to see it being so well loved here on Lemmy.

Starting to not really like moderating reddit myself, so I’m starting to look around ;)

Know this is rather out of the blue, but I do appreciate the praise you lay on Jellyfin.

It’s not easy to build a community like we have and we almost failed a few times. Stuff like this makes me realize we were right to stick with it.