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I'm thinking of getting a laptop with linux pre-installed, any advice?
I've had laptops with linux before, but linux was never the original laptop OS and modifying the configuration was always necessary. It used to be fun to hack and modify an OS on an old laptop but I guess if I'm going to spend 600 or 700 bucks (or more!) I'd rather not have to worry about modifications. One of my worries is that in the past I've experienced bad or terrible changes to battery life/performance after installing linux. I'm guessing that that won't be the case with a linux native laptop? Any experience... (dell, system76,...)? I remember trying to fix this in various ways that the internet had suggested but it never came out as I wanted. My other worry is the keyboard and shortcuts. I've been using a mac at work which in my experience has a fairly different keyboard short cuts, is that still the case? (is this distro dependent?) I remember always having to modify cut and paste for terminals to match the browser's cut and paste short cuts in ubuntu. This always seemed silly. Again not sure if I want to do this if I'm shelling out a significant amount of money. Any advice or stories about going from a mac-unix-ish setup to a pure linux setup? Should I stop trying and stick with macs?