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  • The comments section here is pretty funny.

    This isn’t “The Director from L4D”, this is the human touch of direct influence of game balance globally without the need to release a patch or even a hotfix, and way beyond just how many bots drop at a time. If you want to compare it to something, it might be The Wizard from Oz, pulling the cranks to drive the facade.

    If The Director wasn’t dumping enough zombies in general, Valve would have to patch The Director to make it do so because it’s restricted to its coding limitations. A human Game Master can run it only limited to the variables the devs give him. Open new planets for plundering, change the weather, accuracy of your calldowns, the options are as limited as imagination and time.

    Saying this, I don’t know why they would leave this all up to Joel, you’d think there’d be a team of 3 to bounce ideas off or something.

  • Y’all chomping at the bit to direct your hate at the Jewish community and using Israel as an excuse. No different from MAGA.

    Ah yes, let’s put to paper that anyone who could oppose Israeli occupation and seige on ANY group of people are actually anti-Jew, and then paint those same people as far-right fascists.

    That’ll win over people and influence them to your cause. Nice work.

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    I mean if “both candidates support the genocide” you have to look at “how badly do they”, because jokes on you if you think the next president is going to be someone other than them.

    One is at least making an attempt to minimize the casualties by diplomacy with the other suggesting that Hezbollah involvement would be a good idea. The choice is clear.