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This is the meme I thought of when I saw OP’s meme.

This retched conspiracy theory is really malleable. You can twist and turn it to fit different people’s fears. When I was conservative years ago I remember somewhat believing a headline that elites were trying to give migrants citizenship in exchange for military service so that they could have an obedient military that would oppress the rest of the citizens. It’s not quite as racist, but still pretty bad.

I work in tech and the CIO convinced the CEO to allow the IT department to work remotely full-time forever because we’d lose already hard-to-retain talent, but all the other departments are required to come back into the office.

New instance: buckeyestate.social
I decided to make a new instance to go with my first instance midwest.social. This one is for, but not limited to, leftists in the US state of Ohio (The buckeye state). I'm also sitting on some domains for Cleveland, Ohio (thecle.social) as well as the state of Michigan (wolverinestate.social) and Detroit, Michigan (motorcity.social). I'm not quite sure when I'll set up the other instances. I may give the domains away to the right person/people when the time is right. Overall they cost me like $45 a year altogether.

Elon Musk 'seriously considering' building his own social network
Egotistical oligarch considers doing what the devs of mastodon and lemmy have already been doing.