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Indeed, I posted a link to my personal blog yesterday and Facebook appears to have shadow banned it (it did not get any likes or other interaction); another link to my personal web site (which has a COVID tracker) was reported and removed.

Facebook’s main value is that it allows me to stay in touch with a lot of old friends I have no other contact info for; in terms of a social network, I’m moving towards the open source stuff (Lemmy/Mastodon/Diaspora/Discourse and the old school PHP-based message boards).

As someone who has been there back in Usenet’s heyday, I think the Internet works better when it uses decentralized and non-commercial servers. This allows people to post content which is beneficial to readers, instead of content which benefits corporate interests over what helps the small guy.

By using pure open source technology, the board belongs to the community, which means everyone wins, not just whatever corporation “owns” a Lemmy instance.