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Students of Roskilde University ("RUC") and University of Copenhagen are denied access to library text unless they support CloudFlare

The libraries have closed and locked students out of access to physical books as a measure to mitigate coronavirus. A large portion of books available electronically are kept in the walled-garden of CloudFlare. This means Tor users and students who ethically oppose CloudFlare are being denied acce…

Using the level of activity in a community as a guage for someone’s fitness to moderate seems like a bad idea. There’s no connection there.

Squatting is a good thing - it counters bias

It’s a much bigger problem to find non-biased moderators (squatting or not). If PepsiCo creates and moderates c/pepsi, it invites corruption because obviously PepsiCo will censor posts critical of Pepsi. Squatters create several forums, and thus tend not to be biased. E.g. say a squatter creates c/pepsi, c/coke, c/drpepper, and c/microsoft. They are likely not affiliated with those companies, and can serve as a less biased moderator than the representatives of those companies who would like to control the narrative to favor their profit-driven bias.

Roskilde University ("RUC") pushes Microsoft Teams, MS Skype, & Facebook onto students during coronavirus

Students of RUC (a public school) are essentially forced to patronize Microsoft and support surveillance capitalism as a consequence. Students have always been forced to use MS email servic…