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How good is Wacom’s Linux support?

Is the driver coming from Wacom directly or mostly developed by community?

Can I randomly buy a modern-ish Wacom digital pad, plug it in a popular distro and expect it just works?

Can anyone please tell me what this community/subreddit is all about? Thank you.

Edit: I mean /r/GenZedong.

Exactly. To the evil company, it’s free. What’s not free is the rebranded software.

Not sure what his computer is running, but why a VM? Install those things natively and forget about it.

Well, unless his computer is running non-Unix-like OSes like Windows. I wouldn’t bother to, if I were him. A Raspberry Pi serves way better.

  1. I think you need to show us the command you ran and the error message that follows.

  2. The more common way to do what you want nowadays is through Docker.

VLC is open source. The moment the author invites sponsors, more new forks happen. Moreover, the claim of ‘tens of million’ is likely an accumulated number. The author has but one chance to sell the software, so there wasn’t that much money at the first place.

But after all, thanks for all the effort.

I don’t think nuclear reactors spew CO2. Why would they and where does the carbon come from?

While FF forks are good for privacy, I refuse to blindly trust them. I understand they are still open source but I doubt there are as many people as those who are actively reviewing FF’s code. I’d rather let FF do the telemetry (if I’m too lazy tweaking it) than some malicious code accidentally went into its more privacy-focused forks.

I got that a lot on Reedit. Every time I comment I think to myself “why bother?” New posts should be consumed as well.

But perhaps they shouldn’t be called “hot”. It maximises post data usage and therefore be called… " eco"?

Fuc fact: Blackberry is the only fruit that’s named after a mobile phone brand.

We had Ubuntu Touch running on HTC HD2 more than ten years ago. No. I am not impressed. I can dual boot my phone if I want to. Or buy a secondary phone.

I think Nextcloud is a more popular solution.

Never a NP++ fan. Nor ever will be.

To me, an editor is an editor. Don’t be political. Don’t bullshit. Focus on editing my stuff and help those poor children in Uganda.

These overpasses often have some degree of accessibility for all the groups of people you mentioned.

  • Lifts to get you up
  • Ramp in the middle of the stairs to push your bike on

Some overpasses have ‘uneven’ design of surfaces: On one side there are stairs, while the other has no stairs but just a wide ramp to ride your bike on so that you don’t even need to get off.

“Hi. I would like to hear a UDP joke.”

“OK. I will tell you a UDP joke.”

“Are you ready for the UDP joke?”


“Yes, I am here.”

“Would you like to hear a UDP joke”

“Yes, please.”

“OK. Are you ready for the UDP joke?”

“Yes, I am ready.”

“entered mathematicians bar Infinite the.”

“said beer I bartender will have the The to a of glass mathematician first.”