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It is really weird seeing this, since I thought she would be supportive. Based on her recoloring Hermione in the past.

Well there are many people working at Microsoft with many opinions. What matters is now they realize they can make money with Linux, so there is serious amounts of engineering dumped into efforts related to that.

I recommend Telegram, it might not tick all the boxes you are looking for. But it has in my experience a big advantage over any other app/service I have tried. That advantage being on-boarding, I can just tell people to download the app and if they have my number there is nothing else for them to do, I’m already added as a contact.

No registration process to speak of, which helps a lot with the less tech savvy friends. Even if you want to use it on the PC as well as on a phone, you can just install it, punch in a code which you get in a message automatically and you are up and running.

For me the friend list of people I have on alternative messaging apps, quite literally multiplied several times over since I started recommending telegram. Even reconnected with some people who had my number from ages ago and had the app installed.

Still a better love story than Reddit’s new design!

I have deployed Bedrock Linux on it, so I have some Arch Linux packages too on my Void install…