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Not an extension but pihole for the wifi network and blockada on the go (android) filter a lot of tracking requests.

i think any reader can does this. kindle and tolino for sure. you will want to use the foss software calibre to manage your books, it can send books to kindles and will convert them when they are not in the right format. kindles cannot open epub so you have to convert to mobi or azw3 format which calibre does. ive got the current kindle paperwhite and love it. i dont read pdf on it though because its mostly a pain. i got an android tablet for pdf.

maybe some thrillers like ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ or ‘sharp objects’? i have the impression that thrillers are pretty easy to read and often want me to come back since I want to know whodunnit. the first one is a part of a series though but does work on its own.

or maybe some books from friedrich dürrenmatt. or ready player one if you can connect with nerdy topics.

I am similar and I would advice against reading book series. get some smaller books which ineterest you and read them first before you decide to read through something like LOTR or ASOIAF.

you will have more feelings of success faster that way.

ebooks are fine but get a dedicated device for it so you wont get distracted. i once got a simple tolino for 19€ in a sale, I guess you could find a used kindle for a similar price point.

hi just heard of lemmy hope for a bright future 👋