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i also just realized you can’t direct message on Lemmy? or maybe it’s a limitation of Jerboa? I’ve never tried before but i don’t see a way to dm u

I’m not sure if you have to have donated before or not but i did and they gave me a link to the bot… it works like irc where you just give it words and it returns results with links you can click to start the xfer over telegram

all is going according to plan for the rich who are just putting the final touches in place before ww3 kicks off

it has a large leftist community and hasn’t been overrun with FBI and CIA just yet

if you use the proprietary drivers you’ll be fine, probably not even noticable

if you go with a Radeon card or try using open source drivers then go with god

games do perform worse in Linux from my own experience but it’s mostly unnoticeable unless it’s a highly competitive online game like overwatch

you still blast potatoes and broccoli every chance you get tho right?

i once worked for Chase and I felt like I couldn’t shower enough to get the stink off for the 4 months I was there before finding a less satanic job

better paying for sure but also more stress imo

it systems engineering… basically top level helpdesk with project work, system admin, and more project work thrown on top

i cant help but worry its going to go south as everything does once a critical mass is hit

It’s great in theory, but they need to give people a way to self-censor shit they don’t want to see. I don’t need to see any videos with blatant racism and weird ass conspiracy crap. If it could tag things that would be great.

but doesn’t seem to know any other language

hell at&t was secretly splitting fiber to siphon all traffic on their backbone to the nsa back in like 2005 … if they’re going to those lengths you can be sure they’re considering all the other avenues as well

notorious to americans maybe… the rest of the world is probably far more wary of the US and for good reason… you dont become the hegemon by playing by the rules you make right?

ubi but with capped private income ftw

I’m not sure who uses sync but yeah that’s pretty much handing all your data over willingly

hmm wasn’t quite as biting as i hoped but i like the idea for videos of this kind

This is what I try to explain to people but they either don’t believe me or they don’t get it.

God forbid the publishing cartel lose a single cent of “hard earned” money.

I’m not sure why everyone likes chrome so much anyway… it has always been a spying tool and now it’s like a Swiss army knife spying tool

i saw one when the color revolutions were kicking off. Once the green one hit Iran Fark.com was completely overrun with foaming at the mouth rhetoric and second by second updates from people who were supposedly there. Anyone commenting against the grain was entirely drowned out. It went on and on for weeks on end from accounts that just came out of nowhere but suddenly they were the authorities that everyone else deferred to. After that subsided was when I first learned of a thing called shadow-banning, except I didn’t know it until months later when I realized absolutely nobody ever responded to me anymore. I asked for help and that fuckface Drew said it must have been a mistake and cleared it.

ya really… it has been quite a while now and still nothing…

hahaha welp good luck with that, hellsite

this article dropped my iq by at least 10000 gallons

it won’t benefit the masses I’d bet

pretty much any Android or iphone will log the ssids and mac addresses around you anywhere you go even if you don’t have WiFi turned on