“wheat is capitalism. brown rice is socialism. and then when you have white rice, that’s communism”

I’m not a man, I’m not a woman. I prefer masculine terms.

I’m a student of Marxism-Leninism.

I’m over 20.

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This propaganda piece always hit me hard

It seems to focus on binging copious amounts of books. It’s about having a big collection of books that you give little time and take pretty pictures to post online.

We will have women as the main characters of videogames in order to anger men who have never had sexual intercourse. - Lenin

I have Stalin, I’m obviously very communist. Are you going to any protests any time soon?

Very low. I don’t think they will trust a random USAmerican tourist

Medication induced abortion looks the same as a miscarriage. This means that the crime prosecuted will be terminated pregnancies from people who look suspicious. It’s an unscientific decision made to monitor and control women’s bodies.

Feminist networks already ship abortion medication in places where abortion is illegal, this will be a matter of who’s more powerful. And collect travel funds in cases where surgery is needed.

I’m sure being an “accomplice to abortion” will be stretched from doctors to those helping pregnant people get access to abortion sometimes in another country.

Big brother is watching, I guess

> least complicated distro to install

(I’m joking, I have never installed Debian and have no idea if it’s hard or not)

It’s good to explain what this means if they are confused by commands.

This command tells the package manager (apt) to update the list of packages available and then to install a desktop environment (gnome) with administrative privileges (sudo) “superuser”.

Get a job, sell the houses they don’t live in… the horror

can’t wait to see the gay sex scene Xi promised us in this new Pixar movie

Did you skip the install of a desktop environment or something?

The performance art theory is very interesting. If that was the case it would be a relief because from the information we have, they have caused some real harm to their members.

If you’re someone like me with reading issues, this app is very good because you have a TTS function and you can load your custom fonts for free. And no ads. Too much for someone who only needs to open some PDFs though.

There’s an app called Secure PDF viewer that doesn’t need access to your storage. MuPDF viewer is a bare bones reader but I’ve had problems opening heavy PDF files.

An app like Librera Reader Pro (from f-droid) or ReadEra (from Google Store) requires access to your files but you can use them like a virtual library. Display information, create collections, delete them, etc. You can even exclude folders if you need to.

The article about choosing the right web browser… where did time go?

Black Hammer is such a deep rabbit hole. There’s no way it isn’t endorsed by feds to ruin Communist organization in the US

Where is that clip of that man saying that if Stalin killed the interviewer’s grandfather he probably deserved it when you need it