Hi, I’m a LibreWolf developer, working on builds, and windows. Also see my tumblr fanart blog :)

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Well gosh, you read a lot into my motivations based on a Hello World post. Thanks for that. Note to self: YouTube video’s with people sharing their opinion is evil on Lemmy. Also, don’t discuss search engines, or basically anything else here.

I think it’s positive to see what people think of the project, if and how they use it, and what they report experiencing the app.

I shared it because it’s a recent video, and I wanted something to say ‘hi’ with:) But it’s a topic I hear more often so it’s not completely crap. Mental Outlaw, a much more serious Youtuber, also denounced ddg.

Hi all, I'm the LibreWolf windows dev:) This recent video seems mostly about not wanting to use *ddg* due to the current political climate..