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On a concept level decentralized is definitive better than centralized, but real peer-to-peer would be best. But so far I have not found a practical system. Briar is an option https://lemmy.ml/post/40223

Is irritating that they didn’t mention https://signal.org/ which is definitely a more common and convenient WhatsApp Alternative for Daily Chatting.

Regarding Communism, from my understanding, the core value isn’t that all property is held in common, but that all production equipment (building/machines/resources) is held in common. I know that there are decades of debates in the communist community if private property should be allowed at all and to what degree. E.g. I think most of the communist agree that the cloths I’m currently wearing are mine.

I’m not really convinced by the split in Economic Systems and Political Philosophies. There I’m more for a split in the in kind https://politicalcompass.org/ is doing it. In an economics and a social dimension. Then Social democracy should be in the economics dimension and Marxism is a mix-up between both.

  • economics dimension: Communism - Socialism - Social democracy - Neoliberalism
  • social dimension: Fascism - Conservatism - Liberalism - Anarchism

Regarding Anarchism and small scales/never seen great success: In the past there have been two areas that have opposed these claims, especially when considering the causes of failure

And they are still existing Areas heavily influenced by Anarchist ideals like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebel_Zapatista_Autonomous_Municipalities and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rojava