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  • I was thinking about such a system also, but it has some serious drawbacks:

    • I need to connect to it regularly. Auto login is of course not an option, that defeat the purpose. So, which service/stuff am I using that could be this switch? I see any.
    • time limit to send the message is also tricky. 2 weeks is too long imo, they may need some info about insurances sooner. And 2 weeks is already short, as you need to authenticate to the switch

    So, as a farewell message why not, but I would not trust such system to deliver in a tilely manner information that they need.

  • Well, if you assume they are able to do copies of files, and in the end they are not, you will not go to heaven because you screwed up your familly.

    Same as stop using the services, they might now even know they are using some @home services that are running in the background.

    But I take the idea about having them making their own copy of files, and write down some instructions ablut what is where, and how do a backup they own.