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If you want frozen peaches, go to reddit, they have glowie admins, glowies like having lotsa bootlickers.

And here you resort to insults again, NATO bootlicker

Finally you admit that NATO is just a bunch of evil murderers

No, you do not need to fear NATO. Just look away from all the people they killed in Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan… Nothing to see if you just stick your head in the sand.

“social credits” Racist dehumanizing USA propaganda.

I backup my home directory to an external HDD sometimes

Planes and helicopters. Especially if I hear the sounds but don’t know where they are.

It is absolutely not something “totally different”. They are both enemies of big corporations and want to free the people from the control of the corporations. The smear campaigns have many things in common, like taking events that happened a long time ago, assuming malicious intent, framing something in a deceptive way, accusing without evidence…

Don’t fall for the smear campaign. Remember when Big Tech launched a smear campaign against Richard Stallman when he came back to the FSF? This is pretty much the same, but done by Big Media.

Also, who wishes “freedom” and “human rights” to people? That usually means death and slavery (see Libya). Do not wish that to people.

The people who profit from crypto schemes are neither workers nor do they build the nation

They have problems with the word filter? The word filter keeps the bigoted reactionaries away, did they not notice that? If they would rather talk to bigots than to us, then they shouldn’t join us.

All your posts I have seen seem to be very similar and contain misinformation…

Children deserve more free time than they currently have. This is a step in the right direction.

Pattern matching for switch in Java 17 and the initial version will be out soon. I’m hyped.

Stuff like this makes me sad. Why do people hate teamwork? Why do they hate new ideas? Why do they hate progress? Why do they always have to look down on others?