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  • Whenever I hear things like this, I ask ‘What’s the problem they are actually trying to solve?’

    Most of the time there is no problem, it’s a solution looking for a problem. In this case, it seems like the only problem to solve is:

    Today, New Zealanders still cannot make instant payments electronically to other people, unless they are both with the same bank."

    I’m pretty sure that could be solved with a middle-man app instead of a ‘digital currency.’ Venmo exists in the US, something like that?

    I’m sure we have had similar… TradeMe has Ping which “Make payments safely with Ping. Pay or get paid instantly – using a credit or debit card, or Ping balance.” … so, yeah problem already solved, instant payments.

  • ∟⊔⊤∦∣≶@lemmy.nztoLinuxTrying to ditch windows
    3 months ago

    Lutris can be pretty handy for many things…

    I don’t have too much exp with these things, but I would suggest (as an IT support person) narrowing down and isolating problems into specifics, like:

    • I need dot.net for x thing and I tried y thing and it didn’t work.

    You’ll be able to get better answers. I’m pretty interested in the suggestions, my usual solution is ‘find something open source that is not as good but works.’

  • Her maker imprisoned and tortured all of his creations.

    I don’t recall entirely but I’m pretty sure it didn’t know that. Also, I don’t think you can ‘torture’ or ‘imprison’ computers.

    She couldn’t trust the kid, he lied to her about there being no other machines

    So, death is justifiable then?

    It’s an AI, and it was pretty clearly demonstrated at the end that it felt no remorse or compassion for the dude. It was very very good at manipulating the humans and achieving it’s goal at any cost, so… I completely disagree. Evil wins because living, feeling human beings suffered due to the actions of a sexy computer.

  • Terrible weather, bucketing rain, not too cold, low visibility in fog / low cloud. Close proximity to mountain bike park. Full day of sliding down trails, getting covered in mud. Absolutely miserable, wet and dirty all day, struggling to maintain traction up the hills, frequently sliding out. Evening spa / hot pools to relax the muscles with a beer.

    That’s heaven.

  • I have heard multiple times from different sources that building from git source instead of using tarballs invalidates this exploit, but I do not understand how. Is anyone able to explain that?

    If malicious code is in the source, and therefore in the tarball, what’s the difference?