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@mirko @brave @librewolf Yes, I actually use an IPhone for which there is neither Librewolf nor alternative YouTube clients (except maybe sideloading?!).

So I use Brave and Orion as browsers. But I’m not really a fan of watching YouTube on my phone via the browser, so I have to watch the ads unfortunately

@k_o_t I am aware of how marketing works. However, at some point the ad network should react to the fact that no interaction follows from me and display something else. I can’t hear the ad and especially the phrase “There is no place like Chrome” anymore, especially because every major browser has the same features as shown in the ad and I literally heard it 300 times in the last 2-3 weeks

No Google, I will not download Chrome to any of my devices, even if you show me this ad in front of EVERY YouTube Video I watch. There are way better alternatives that respect my privacy like [@brave](; [@librewolf]( or Safari (Additionally every browser uses the same browser engine on IOS)