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  • That’s all well and good, I’m not trying to deny that those methods work, but booty was claiming that the article telling us this year is the hottest on record was a lie without any real clarification why he thought that.

    So either he read the he only read the headline and wanted to feel smug about it, or he was trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation by saying it used to be worse millions or billions of years ago. I don’t really care which, the outcome is the same either way.

  • Every month since June 2023 – 13 months in a row – has ranked as the planet’s hottest since records began, compared with the corresponding month in previous years, the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) said in a monthly bulletin.

    From the second line of the article. Here’s the monthly bulletin they’re talking about.

    Keep in mind that this is the global average temperature, there could be some places (like Northern Spain) that experienced lower temperatures.

  • Temperature records from thermometers and weather stations exist only for a tiny portion of our planet’s 4.54-billion-year-long life. By studying indirect clues—the chemical and structural signatures of rocks, fossils, and crystals, ocean sediments, fossilized reefs, tree rings, and ice cores—however, scientists can infer past temperatures.

    From your source

    June 2024 was the hottest June on record, the European Union’s climate change monitoring service said on July 8, continuing a streak of exceptional temperatures that some scientists said puts 2024 on track to be the world’s hottest recorded year.

    From the article

    We don’t exactly have records from millions or billions of years ago, so I don’t know why you think this article is lying to you.

  • But he said any further comments could be damaging for NATO.

    “One of the reasons why NATO is successful is that we have always stayed out of domestic political issues,” he said.

    “If I start to say anything that makes it possible to connect me to ongoing political debates in any allied country, I will actually weaken the alliance.”

    He wouldn’t, and he knows it. He was asked about Biden’s health and did his job by not really answering.

  • NY has been riddled with crimes committed by illegal immigrants in the recent days, weeks, and months.

    One last thing, now that I’m back at my computer:

    • Continued declines across most major crime categories prevailed during January 2024, compared to the first month of last year, and included substantial drops in murder, rape, burglary, and felony assault.

    • Incidents of shootings, murder, and other bellwether crimes in New York City were markedly reduced again in February compared to the same month last year, while major offenses committed in the city’s subway system dropped more than 15 percent. Throughout the five boroughs, overall crime continued its downward trajectory, dipping another 1.1%.

    • New York City saw continued reductions in overall crime through the first quarter of 2024, both above ground, on streets throughout the five boroughs, and below ground, within the nation’s largest subway system. The single month of March 2024, compared to the same month last year, experienced even more drastic crime declines.

    • Overall index crime across New York City dropped another 4.9 percent in the month of April compared to the same month last year, as major crimes in the nation’s largest subway system plummeted another 23 percent, continuing a downward trend that saw previous transit system decreases

    • Overall index crime across New York City dropped another 2.4 percent in May 2024, compared to the same month last year, with the major crime categories of murder, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny—auto each seeing dramatic reductions. ‎‎

    The point I was making with NY, is as of recent, like I mentioned before there’s crimes committed by illegals.

    So what? There are statistically a lot more crimes being committed by US citizens. Should we start deporting/exiling our own citizens? Should we keep increasing our prison population? Or should we not hold our own citizens to the same kind of standards that you want to apply to everyone else in the world?

  • 3 examples isn’t a great way to show nationwide trends.

    Over 2000 convicted criminals - illegals captured by ICE

    This is from 2015.

    In New York, a sanctuary city that has received the most immigrants from Republican-run border states, crime decreased in most major categories in 2023 compared to the year before, as confirmed by a January report from the New York City Police Department. This follows reductions in most crime categories in the city in 2022. New York City remains one of the safest big cities in the country despite sensational claims that it is being overwhelmed by crime.

    From the same article linked above, since you seem so obsessed with New York City.