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I don’t really see the advantage of something like this for me, Most of the time, I blast the OS away anyway, even if it’s an os I actually use, I use gentoo, but I said I don’t see the point for someone like me, But if it’s your cup of tea, go for it. I’m glad to see more manufacurers support linux though!

Currently dual booting gentoo and Opensuse tumbleweed, literally just installed tumbleweed and I’ve had gentoo for a couple of months.

Can anyone explain what a federation means? on the github page, lemmy is described as federated, and I honestly have no clue what that means

One thing I really love about lemmy over reddit is the ability to post pictures as comments, it’s a great and really obvious feature that reddit still doesn’t have

I’m new to lemmy, but honestly I could’nt be more excited being a part of this amazing community, and I hope lemmy stays here longer than reddit!