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I use it for daily communication with my friends and family and think it’s one of the best choices for IM.

There are a lot of public servers, but - as with every non-centralised protocol - choosing the right one might be tricky. This list provides a good starting point imho: https://list.jabber.at/ Also you might want to check, that your choosen server is fully compliant with the current xmpp standards, which can be done at https://compliance.conversations.im/

Last but not least, if you want to have a look at self-hosting, there is this fairly new project called snikket (https://snikket.org/) which aims to make xmpp hosting easier (and also the whole xmpp usage a bit more consistent for “normal” users by rebranding the protocol and it’s apps under a single name), but uses a standard xmpp server in the background.

As for the clients, I use dino (https://dino.im) and gajim (https://gajim.org) on my Linux desktop and Conversations on Android.