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At least he doesn’t finger bang women in the hallway or grab them by the vajayjay. At least his ideas are his own. At least his frontal and temporal lobes are intact and haven’t wasted away to weak sauce. …


stop trying so hard to be offended? i don’t have to try to be offended by blatant sexism. why do you endorse sexism?

What even as Chapo Trap House? I only read about it on The_Donald. (By the way, I’m a black transgender social worker so if you want to call me a racist/sexist then okay that’s fine but you’d be wrong.)

I don’t see why a male body part should be the personification of bad conduct. Why does it say “don’t be a dick or a nazi”? Why not “don’t be a removed or a nazi”? At least either/or. “Everything is allowed, just don’t be a dick/removed or a nazi.” The site rules say no sexism. Well, epitomizing an entire gender as bad is sexism as far as I can see.