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A quick look at tosdr and exodus privacy and … I guess if you create a separate account for youtube music and maybe use it only on the web browser. Tidal has more trackers than YT music

Great iptv / live tv addon from this repo http://octopus246.esy.es/octopus

Security risk ahead. Try looking for the apk and install it manually

Venom since the recent upgrade to matrix.

LIKE OIL LEADS TO GLOBAL WARMING... DATA LEADS TO SOCIAL COOLING If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior. Big Data is supercharging this effect. This could limit your desire to take risks or exercise free speech. Over the long term these 'chilling effects' could 'cool down' society. This is how it works:

Sorry confused first time on lemmur. It was supposed to be a reply to the main thread

Idealism, if Linux was going to take over innately it already would have. 
  • depends on where you are in the graph. It took over already except the desktop.

    History (let’s be honest it’s like a discord server if it doesn’t take off all at once it never will)

  • Again linux is on sort of golden age of discovery if you really look back at the past.

    It’s inaccessible (terminals cannot replace everything. I’m talking to you if you say “bloat”)

  • Agree. It improved a lot but there are things that need to change.

    There’s only corporate funding, so they will appropriate it.

  • what?? If you mean profit from linux lots of businesses will disagree with you

    We tolerate people who don’t tolerate others (including the less tech-savvy)

  • i don’t see the problem.

    Microsoft has way too much power (money).

  • how is that a problem? Money can actually be the reason linux desktop will take off. Look at android.

    Few people remember RMS started copyleft as a political goal (too many people are uncomfortable challenging their beliefs, so they want Linux to be “apolitical”)

  • apolitical is good for take off.

    No one is doing the political organizing

  • this is not required for the take off.

    Copyleft is flawed and needs to be improved (here’s a template example https://thufie.lain.haus/NPL.html) [also mind you that there’s a need to prevent corporate appropriation]

  • not related to take off of linux at all…

    People worship RMS instead of realizing he alienates women, people with down syndrome, etc.

  • really dude?

Fragmentation prevents growth; humanity knows this since at least the agricultural revolution. Wish you all the best and that your projects are successful.

I’m not sue if ypu wrote this out of spite or as issues that need to be solved. If the first, mods should kick you out; if the second, you should probably rethink those arguments… Start from the title. Linux never took off? Linux took off in 1991 and hasn’t stopped growing since… Maybe you mean just the desktop?