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  • I don’t get the rich getting richer in the title, how does owning a home (for the vast majority of people, on a mortgage) make someone rich? About 65% of the Canadian population are homeowners. 65% of the population owning 90% of the wealth isn’t that surprising or that wrong. What’s truly wrong is numbers like 1% of the population owning 30% of the total wealth in the US.

    It’s always the homeowner boogeyman when in reality the problem comes from the government spending money wherever and not applying strict foreign home purchasing laws that keep increasing home prices. People who own one or two houses are not rich and are very unlikely to drive a Porsche, and even there, if it is an individual who owns that property, that person will have to pay their fair share of taxes on their income and property taxes.

  • Je peux pas croire qu’il y a une cinquantaine d’années on allait dans le sens contraire a ce qu’on fait aujourd’hui. Il y avait du progrès incroyable avec HQ les cégeps la séparation de l’Église de l’état et j’en passe, et les politiciens maintenant sont en train de tout défaire ça et ils gardent en place ce qui doit changer parce qu’ils agissent par intérêt personnel…

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    15 days ago

    Finally an option that is not just a dumb keyboard, this one has some local llms and local speech to text, so that’s pretty cool. Currently there’s no multilingual mode and I can’t find a way to adjust the height, but once these features are there I’ll happily switch.