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sorry to be nitpicky but correct spelling in this case would be “he has came from Russia” or even better “he has migrated from Russia”

nobody is really in a position to tell Russia how to conduct the war

Heard of international law, sweaty? Somehow even invaders don’t wanna see it enforced, grudgingly abiding and spitting nuclear threats.

I do not support the use of nuclear weapons

Including when Russia doing it? Or is there some 4D chess kicking in in that moment?

Now HIMARS can reach Crimean airbases 😉

Okay, I’ll try that again but slower: do you support using a tactical nuclear weapons on a battlefield?

Basically a very humble posadist with a lot of spare time on one’s hands 🤷

🤔 I wonder do you consider nukes to be a weapon of “combat battle”?

yeeees-yes-yes, beautiful! Yeah, let me see

  • retaliation is a strategic gain | check!
  • driving away the enemy without a fight is both suffering horrific losses and also doesn’t count not a real victory | check-check!
  • dooming the poorest of civilians to frost death without electricity while not affecting the situation on the battlefield is a real victory (oof, I thought you’re communist!) | CHECK
  • EU will freeze 😞 | Not check! | did you forget to practice your lines? I thought we’ve already gone through this all several times!

Also-also, can you name a situation where you would (hypothetically of course!) acknowledge ukrainian gains? I really would like to have it on the record to show it to you later

And that’s it? I’ve been waiting for so long for you to react to liberation of Kherson and that’s the best you came up with?

My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined

Alternative title: Turkey is likely to sign off on Swedish NATO bid in next 2 months


Your hair wants cutting. Why is a raven like a writing-desk?

One post you proclaim problem with environment, another one you celebrate increase of oil import for world’s biggest polluter. Cmon man, choose a line

you ok, mate? didn\t think it would trigger you that much. Sorry, bro, Let’s all have a deep breath and take some break from this spicy convo

Dude, it was supposed to be quick and easy dunk on your xenophobia claim. Do you really want me to bring your attention to the well documented problem of antisemitism in USSR?

If you wanna make your life more miserable just type “antisemitism in USSR” in wikipedia and go hate whoever you usually hate. I want no part in it

For real, man, it’s not Stalin depicted 😐

I mean I’m not gonna rub it all in as I don’t really want to post tons of antisemitic propaganda and stories how Jewish people had to go into hiding from racial prosecution in USSR. If you wanna deny all that, let it be your own burden to carry, I’m done here

For all my comrades out there, opportunity of the lifetime ![](https://i.imgflip.com/140tle.jpg)

It's full of ads tho, gotta enable ublock first

Preview entire federated instance while staying on my main one?
I find it awkward to go to another instance (say lemmygrad.ml) where I'm not registered to figure out if I like it or not. Without logged in profile I cannot participate in the discussion, can't upvote, subscribe to communities. To do all that I need to go to my main instance where I'm signed in and manually type address of a community on another instance. Only after that I can participate in it. So I'd like to preview a federated Lemmy instance or at least list of its communities without leaving Lemmy.ml Can I do that? P.s. I realize I can preview separate communities on federated instance but can I preview the whole instance?