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@nihilistic_capybara @fedora @keepassxc @librewolf @libreoffice @protonmail @protonvpn I think each email and cloud providers can do that. When you use any of those you have to trust them with your data. If you’re concerned about that, the only solution is self-hosting. Proton Mail is still the best option for those who can’t self-host.

@nihilistic_capybara @fedora @keepassxc @librewolf @libreoffice @protonmail @protonvpn I just heard about a case when they handed over a criminal’s data to the Swiss government (but they state that in their privacy policy that they must obey the law)

@AnonymousEntity @altair222 I would recommend custom roms instead of regular Android for real privacy. Android’s new “Privacy” Sandbox is a scam.
And using Signal with VOIP if they must

A few useful #foss software and services:
A few useful [#foss]( software and services: [@fedora]( - best [#linux]( distro if you want stability and new software at the same time [@keepassxc]( - best offline password manager [@librewolf]( - best browser for [#privacy]( and usability. It is what Firefox should be. [@libreoffice]( - best FOSS office suite with the most functionality [@protonmail]( - most trustworthy email service with E2E and Zero-knowledge encryption [@protonvpn]( - best choice for freemium [#vpn]( service [\#FollowFriday]( [#fosserytech](