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Alright, i take that back. i realized that pacifism does influence the type of anarchism, specifically through the means of creating the anarchism. anarchopacifism doesn’t necessarily conflict with other kinds, but definitely does count as its own ideology (as the creation of anarchy is as important as the anarchy itself)

absolutely. i am a pacifist but do not count sabotage or destruction of obejcts/private property as violence. self defense is iffy, i see it as morally wrong but a necessary evil anyway

sorry! i meant there’s no need to make a distinction of anarchopacifism a separate ideology, as pacifism doesn’t really limit or control the “type” of anarchism. you can be a pacifist anarcho-syndicalist or a pacifist “anarcho-capitalist” (blegh), but tbe pacifism itself doesn’t create a new form of anarchism

anarchism and pacifism aren’t really directly related at all. but if you’re an anarchist, this is an anarchist community and you’re welcome. (i’m a pacifism too, although i personally don’t tag it onto my anarchism)