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You might already know that, but Pop is developing a tiling extension for gnome called Pop Shell. I had been using different TWMs for years before I tried Gnome with this extension, and it does its job. It probably isn’t great for people who prefer automatic layouts, but transition from i3/sway to Pop Shell isn’t that hard. I gotta say that I enjoy the polish of Gnome, mostly notification, sound or bluetooth settings, etc. Though InstantOS is trying to achieve something similar with a tiling window manager, which is very interesting, but it’s still in beta, but worth checking out.

I used LanguageTool for a while with firefox. First, I tested it by running a service locally, but I noticed that with time it used more and more RAM and I had to restart once in a while. But then I moved it to the cheapest instance on DigitalOcean, and it’s running fine so far. I’m assuming it’s the Java garbage collector that just didn’t bother to clean up if it had more RAM available. Not sure, maybe it can be configured but I didn’t look into it.

Other than that, I pretty much liked it. It’s pretty easy to self-host, and you can also use it in google docs documents if you use that.

Anyone aware of a good article comparing different search engines? I’m looking for more in-depth analysis, including where the results come from (Google, Bing, crawler), how they are financed, etc. Some of these claim stuff I can’t easily verify and I was wondering whether anyone did that job for me already.

Did they? I saw fluffychat but I didn’t check further. I wonder what is different about this particular app then.

I wonder if anybody at google realizes that removing element doesn’t block the content because there are other matrix apps available in the store…